American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most popular language in the United States today. More people are realizing the countless benefits of learning sign language including conversing in a visual language, improved spatial understanding, and even improved neuroplasticity. Imagine how neat it would be to converse with your family and friends with a mouth full of food or when scuba diving in crystal clear water.


In ASL 1, you’ll learn the foundations of American Sign Language. We’ll cover letters, numbers, and some conversational signs. You’ll be able to introduce yourself to another signer and understand their basic introductions.


This next-level course is designed to build your confidence as you dive a little deeper into the exciting world of American Sign Language. You’ll also pick up more Deaf Culture understanding.


In the most advanced community course we offer, you will dive even deeper. The final course of our ASL series is meant to give you the tools to independently converse with other signers and learn from what you see going on around you.