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Whether if you are a business in need of support for a client you are working with or if you are a Deaf or hard of hearing person yourself, we have a variety of services available to support you.

An interpreter in a purple dress stands on the left while a younger person in a blue shirt speaks in a microphone and holds a clipboard.

Sign Language Interpreting

Let us support your multi-lingual and multi-cultural needs. We have American Sign Language interpreters as well as tri-lingual interpreters who also speak Spanish. Oral interpreters are also available to ensure effective communication needs between you and your clients.

A woman in bright red jacket speaks in the microphone while a stenographer works on the left. Real-time captioning is visible on a projected screen on the left.

Real-Time Captioning (CART)

Need to have real-time captioning at your next event? We can help you. Our professional CART writers can help translate the spoken word to written English whether it is on-site or off-site.

A neat thing about this opportunity is the ability to retain transcripts of your event.

A man in a white coat talks to a group of people, some standing and some sitting.

Information & Referral

Knowledge is power. We can help you find the solution you are looking for through many of our service providers which include:

  • Access Specialist
  • Technology Specialist
  • STAP Outreach & Training Specialist
Two adults look at a large machine while one is operating a lever.

Living & Employment Skills

Deaf and hard of hearing people are often overlooked in employment opportunities. We work hard to support employment needs such as resume design, interviewing skills, and on-the-job skills. The more Deaf and hard of hearing people in the workforce, the more our economy grows.

We also support the development of life skills such as literacy, personal finance, task management, and more. Caseworkers are on standby to help you with what you need to achieve.

A group of kids and counselors smile at the camera while standing at the beach on a cloudy day.


Recreational programs are available for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities in South Texas. These programs include:

  • Senior citizen events
  • Athletic events
  • Youth programs
A person in a light red shirt signs to a group of youth sitting around at the tables.

American Sign Language (ASL) Classes

Are you fascinated with the beauty of the functionality of sign language? We don’t blame you. It’s a unique language tied to a beautiful culture. Pick up your second (or third) language through our down-to-earth classes.