Senior Citizens

The Corpus Christi Silver Silent Seniors program provide seniors with a hearing loss with communication accessible social organization with activities for mental and physical stimulation and wellness checks, including informational speakers, games, and outings.

Six senior citizens sit around a round table and smile at the camera. One is signing "I love you".
Two orange kayak carries two young campers and one adult. All are wearing life vests while paddling water.

Youth Program

Summer Voyage Youth Program is available for youth who are Deaf or hard of hearing ages 5 to 18 years. This program provides opportunities for participants to build literacy and leadership through recreational and experiential learning. Activities include crafts, games, sports, field trips, and projects in a barrier-free environment.


We sponsor North of the Border Games for The Deaf, an annual Olympics style game day, in which all participants are Deaf or hard of hearing.

A volleyball game is playing in a gym of tan floors, blue and tan walls.