Job Training & Placement

Clients who are Deaf and hard of hearing are eligible for employment services. Training may include job readiness, job quest, or independent living skills. Staff will work with you to find suitable employment and follow-up to ensure a smooth transition into the work force.

Two adults look at a large machine while one is operating a lever.
A male looks at the camera with a thumbs up. Next to him is a bag of goodies on a blue table.

Living Needs

We are happy to help you with personal business. We’ll conduct a needs assessment and provide services and referrals to meet those needs.

Clients can make an appointment here.

Adult Literacy

Classes are available for Deaf and hard of hearing adults who wish to work on their English reading and writing skills. The class also studies life skills and current events – all through accessible communication. Our library has over 120 videotapes which can be checked out for study, practice, education, or enjoyment.

A woman with white hair and purple shirt assists a man with a blue shirt and glasses in writing down something.