We provide a variety of services to support communication between individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing. Interpreting services available include:

  • American Sign Language interpreters
  • Tri-lingual interpreters (ASL, English, and Spanish)
  • Oral interpreters

Interpreters can support any kind of dialogue, whether personal or business related such as:

  • Learning-based dialogue (classroom, conferences, television appearances, etc),
  • Employment environment (interviewing, training, meetings, etc),
  • Appointments (medical, service, government, etc),
  • Events (community, civic, media, etc)
  • Meetings, and more

We only hire qualified and certified sign language interpreters.

An interpreter in a purple dress stands on the left while a younger person in a blue shirt speaks in a microphone and holds a clipboard.

Need An Interpreter?

Need an ASL, trilingual, or oral interpreter? Fill out this form and we’ll get started. We’ll send you information before any contract or payment is expected.

Types of Interpreters

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters primarily focus on facilitating communication between the client(s) using ASL and the client(s) using English. They translate ASL to English and vice versa either real-time or consecutively, depending on the setting. Learn more about American Sign Language here.

Some interpreters are trilingual. Some of our interpreters are able to speak Spanish on top of English and ASL.

Why work with DHHC?

Time is money. We have provided interpreting services since 1978. We have consistently evolved our services to provide you with the best experience possible.

Our service is straightforward. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it as easy as possible to get qualified interpreters. This will save you time while boosting the quality of your services.

If your scheduled interpreter becomes sick or has an emergency right before the appointment, you’ll get a replacement interpreter at no additional cost. We’ll do the work in getting the replacement interpreter situated, again saving you time and energy.

Finally, by contracting with DHHC, you support the reduced or free programs available for the Deaf and hard of hearing adults and youth. Your dollar not only gets what you need but also supports a great cause at no additional cost to you.

Supporting effective communication

This guide can help you understand what “effective communication” means and how it applies to your business.

Working With Interpreters

Click to learn more about how to set up and team with your interpreters.

Qualifications of Interpreters

The interpreting industry is regulated to reduce your liability and boost the quality of services you provide. Click to learn more.