American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most popular language in the United States today. More people are realizing the countless benefits of learning sign language including conversing in a visual language, improved spatial understanding, and even improved neuroplasticity. Imagine how neat it would be to converse with your family and friends with a mouth full of food or when scuba diving in crystal clear water.

To get the most out of touring Spain, you deserve to have an authentic tour guide who grew up and still lives in Spain. This concept also applies to sign language.Learning sign language directly from the Deaf community is one of the best ways to learn sign language and build your confidence in interacting with other Deaf and hard of hearing people.  Fortunately for you, our instructor is Deaf and a native signer.

If you are unsure if you should start with Conversational ASL 1 or 2, you are welcome to experience two sessions of both options before making your final decision. Please reach out to us if this is something you are considering.

Our informal sign language classes are not designed for high school or college credits. If you need credits, please consult with your academic advisor.


The first ASL course we offer is great for new signers or those who need a refresher of the basics.

You’ll build a solid start in basic interactions with other signers you may encounter in your work or personal life. Together, we will learn the foundation of American Sign Language, including the unique grammar and structure.

We will practice the manual alphabet (aka our ABCs) and key numbers. The instructor will cover basic signs related to days, time, directional verbs, family roles, colors, and more. You will also walk away from this course with a better understanding of how signers indicate the type of questions they ask, which could be a yes, no, or an open-ended question.


The next level of our American Sign Language course offering provides you with a deeper understanding of the foundation of ASL. 

We will cover more details about signing pronouns, verbs, popular slang, days, and time. Classifiers, or handshapes, will also be covered. You’ll become more adept in signing as you pick up the proper use of personal space when signing with others. Finally, you’ll learn how to approach Deaf and hard of hearing people and open conversations while minimizing the usual awkwardness of meeting someone new, let alone from a different background.


What makes ASL 3 unique is that students like you lead this course! 

In the first session, our instructor will interact with all students to see what common topics emerge as the season’s goals. These topics can include signs related to animals, nature, food, social media, business, finance, travel, countries, complaints, literature, and more. Sensitive topics such as drugs, sex, cursing, or teen slang can be considered with respect to the age of enrolled students. Infusing lessons on how to use conceptually accurate signs or properly tell stories, especially with children, is also possible.

Each class session will begin with a signed discussion of current events. The instructor will then lead to the scheduled topics you all agreed on at the first session.

You are welcome to take ASL 3 again and again as each season is never the same. The possibilities are infinite.