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Professional Services

Deaf Interpreters

Supplement your experience with a Deaf Interpreter (DI) to boost the quality of cultural information included in the dialogue.

Sand dunes with green and yellow plants crawling over it is in front of a lightly cloudy sky. A white and gray heron perches on top of the sand dune on the right.

Trilingual Interpreting

Trilingual interpreters are able to facilitate communication between American Sign Language, English, and Spanish.

Oral Interpreting

Oral interpreters support the clarity of spoken messages to a Deaf or hard of hearing person. These interpreters clearly enunciate each word for clients’ benefit. Oral interpreters are available for…
A woman is looking at the mouth of a person sitting across her. The room has a desk and shelves with vases in the back.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting

We provide a variety of services to support communication between individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing. Interpreting services available include: American Sign Language interpreters Tri-lingual interpreters (ASL,…
An interpreter in a purple dress stands on the left while a younger person in a blue shirt speaks in a microphone and holds a clipboard.

Real Time Captioning (CART)

Communication access real-time translation (CART) is a way to convert word-for-word transcription of speech to text during a presentation, show, or any live gatherings. CART is also called open captioning,…
A woman in bright red jacket speaks in the microphone while a stenographer works on the left. Real-time captioning is visible on a projected screen on the left.