Sand dunes with green and yellow plants crawling over it is in front of a lightly cloudy sky. A white and gray heron perches on top of the sand dune on the right.

Over 28,000 people in the Coastal Bend lives with hearing loss. Most are not yet of retirement age. Deaf or hard of hearing adults can be depressed, anxious, or frustrated by communication barriers.

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing center works hard to provide programs that are accessible and inclusive.

Deaf or hard of hearing children report feeling friendless or unhappy, particularly when social time with other Deaf or hard of hearing children are limited. Through our recreational programs, we bring the young generation together – where hearing differences isn’t a barrier.

We are grateful for many years of community support enabling us to improve thousands of lives.

You can help

Your financial donation funds the many programs the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center provides to the community at little or no cost. These programs include support groups, youth programs, seniors programs, communication access, and more.

2020 Heroes

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Awards & Recipients

Kimberly Patella and Ann Ruckstuhl (2019)

Susan S. Tiller Award

Peshori Lal (late) and Samitran Ahuja (2019)

Floerke Family Award