Board of Trustees Insider Interview

Interview with Board of Trustees President Alan Krockover

We recently had the chance to ask new BOT President Alan Krockover some interesting questions we received from the community about Board of Trustees!





What do you want to accomplish as a board member this year?
To have the Center get back to where it was pre-Covid in terms of finances and services to the deaf community.

Why The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center?
I’ve been on the board of trustees since 2010. I was recruited by Carla Hoffman and had the honor of meeting and working with Susan Tiller. I admired Susan’s passion and have met a lot of great people associated with the Center through the years. Having attended multiple Hero’s for Hearing events, it actually motivated one of my daughters to minor in ASL and now she is a teacher at Webb Elementary and works with deaf children.

What is one event or goal you would like to accomplish that you believe would help the deaf and hard of hearing community?
I would like to see Heroes for Hearing come back in all of it’s glory. It’s a great celebration for the Center and it helps that it also beneficial for our finances so that we can continue to expand our services.

What about our nonprofits work really motivated or inspired you?
The people and community are fantastic. Although not deaf or hard of hearing myself, I did experience severe ear infections as a small child which led me to have speech problems. Fortunately, I was able to overcome most of them, but I admire people with disabilities and their ability to adapt and overcome the many obstacles that most people take for granted. The strength and determination of the deaf community is what motivates me to want to contribute whatever I can to the success of the Center.

What’s one motto in life you do or hope to follow?
“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never never—in nothing great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” -Winston Churchill


Cat or Dog? Dog (my dog Biscuit runs my household)

Summer or Fall? After last weeks cold spell? Definitely Summer

Favorite Vacation Spot? Washington D.C.

Zodiac Sign? Aquarius

Favorite Hobby or Activity? Competitive Powerlifting. (I’ve represented USA Powerlifting multiple times in international competition)

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