On a black background, the state of texas ranges from blue to red to indicate power outages in each county.

UPDATE: Center closed until Monday (Feb 22) Morning

UPDATE (2/18/21): Both DHHC offices are now closed until 8:30 am Monday, February 22. The Corpus Christi office does not have electricity at the time of this update.

More updates can be found at the following resources:

Due to power issues throughout Texas, the Corpus Christi and Edinburg offices will be closed until 8:30 am on Thursday, February 18.

There are power outages throughout Texas and other states affected by this winter storm. Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared this situation a federal emergency.

Those with power are urged to be mindful of electrical use to support the grid. We urge our community members to pay attention to news on how to stay warm and safe during this time. We are also thankful for the electricity and emergency crew working around the clock to serve our community.

Communication services, including interpreting services, will continue to be provided to meet community needs. If you are an individual client who needs more information about interpreting services, please contact us here. If you are a business in need of interpreting services, please let us know here.

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