How to schedule an interpreter

How does the Interpreting process work?
When a client sets up an appointment at an office/business, they should let the office know that they are Deafand will need a sign language interpreter. The organization the can call The Deaf & Hard of Hearing Center to set an interpreter up or get more information. During the call DHHC staff will ask them questions necessary to finding an interpreter qualified for that particular assignment, such as appointment date, time, duration, name of the client needing services, business requesting for the service, name and location of the appointment, name of the caller, a call back number and the reason for the appointment. Finally, DHHC staff will find and schedule an interpreter who is available at that time, and give them the information for the appointment. There are a few things to keep in mind:
The business or organization is responsible for setting up communication services and arranging the appointment with the client.
The business that requests for the services is also responsible for payment. **DHHC bills at the end of the month
The client may request a specific interpreter, or to not send a specific interpreter. The DHHC staff will do their best to honor their request. However, if the requested interpreters is already booked, staff cannot take them off their assignments. Likewise, if the interpreter that is not wanted is the only one available, staff will call first to confirm if its ok to send them to the assignment unless the business calls to cancel them.
If you are interested in Communication Services, please fill out the Request for Services form. Or you may fax in your request using the Interpreter Request Fax Form to (361)993-4271. If you would like more information about what types of services we offer, please contact Jim Galvan, Communication and Interpreting Services Director, at (361) 993-1154 ext. 227 or

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