Press Release from Executive Director of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center


We have two events that will be taking place during the first half of the month of May 2015.   We would appreciate any assistance in ‘spreading the word’ and, if appropriate, feel free to actually participate and witness either event.  For further information, please feel free to contact me.


Saturday, May 2nd            North of the Border Games  (NBGD) hosted at Tuloso-Midway HS.    Starting time:  8 am.    Friendly interaction of Deaf/HH population from all over South Texas  (I-10 south).    This is an annual event that rotates between different communities.   This year Corpus Christi hosts the day’s activity.

Some games/activities are competitive while others are social in nature.   Purpose of the event is to encourage interaction amongst our states Hearing Loss population.

Ages 16 – ??? are considered as ‘players’, while all others are encouraged to witness and socially engage.

Volunteers consist of Del Mar College’s Deaf / ASL Classes,   King High School’s ASL Club,  Flour Bluff High School’s ASL Club, and Tuloso-Midway ASL Club.    Adults that volunteer or serve on the Board of Trustees are also scheduled to assist the activity.


Wednesday, May 13th   The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center is providing a ‘Thank You’ Hamburger Plate Lunch for all Professions that engage in enhancing the quality of life for any person living in South Texas.   Activity is scheduled for Noon – 1 pm at the DHHC.   Invited to this special time:  Audiologists, Speech Therapists, ENT, Office Staffs, Interpreters, etc.   The month of May is ‘Better Hearing and Speech Month’.     We salute those that have the passion to help others.


Harvey Manning
Executive Director of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center
5151 McArdle Road
Corpus Christi, TX.  78411
361.993.1154   Office
Hours of Operation:  M – Th: 9 am til 5 pm, and F: 9 am til Noon